Tips for Nurses to Fight COVID Burnout

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I’ve noticed that many individuals in “helping professions”, including nurses, tend to put their own self-care behind everyone else’s. In order for nurses to avoid burnout, it is absolutely essential for nurses to do three things: become attuned with which type of self-care they need and implement it; be aware of, and work to prevent compassion fatigue; and be intentional about seeking out moments that bring joy. I’ve described each of these a little more in depth below:

It’s easy to get stuck on one or two types of self-care. We often think self-care means taking a bubble bath, or getting some exercise. There are 6 types of self-care that can be practiced, and tuning in with how you are feeling is the easiest way to identify which you need most. Click to see full article, written by Dr. Laura Beth Cooper.

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