Police, Security, First Responders Evaluations

  • Are you an employer seeking to hire a police office, security officer, or first responder?
  • Do you need a psychologist to provide an accurate and efficient psychological evaluation in order to hire a public safety employee?
  • Are you an individual who has been offered a position in public safety?
  • Have you received an offer of employment that is contingent on receiving a psychological evaluation?
police security evaluations

A psychological evaluation is often necessary to gauge an individual’s resiliency in high-stress occupations such as military, law enforcement, fire department, security sensitive positions and more.

We understand that once you receive an offer of employment you need an expedient evaluation in order to complete the hiring process.

For police and public safety roles, reliable preemployment testing requires an evaluation by a licensed psychologist. After a conditional offer is made, objective psychological testing combined with an in-person interview can identify risk factors such as impulsivity, low stress tolerance, negative interpersonal traits, poor work attitudes, or other characteristics that might limit performance.

How We Can Help

Preemployment psychological evaluations by our psychologists can help you identify potential employees with characteristics shown to lead to successful performance, as well as identify individuals with characteristics that may prevent effective workplace behaviors.

Contact us if you need to schedule a Pre-Employment Psychological Evaluation. Feel free to ask any questions you have or set up an appointment. The candidate will also need to bring a copy of the job description for which they are applying.

Pre-employment psychological evaluations consist of an in-person interview, as well as two additional psychological measures. When it comes to psychological testing, we adhere to “best practices” standards, and follow the testing recommendations made by experts in the field of psychology. Connections Counseling is an establishment that supports our law enforcement, military, and other public safety personnel. We love our work, and we will attend to all necessary details to make this process easy for the employer and job seeker.

Ready to get started?

If you need to schedule a Preemployment Psychological Evaluation, call us at (936) 272-0555. They can help match you with one of our highly qualified psychologists that will help you meet your goals.