Public Speaking


I’m Laura Beth Cooper, a seasoned psychologist with a mission: to empower businesses with the psychological insights and strategies they need to thrive in today’s fast-paced, high-stakes corporate landscape.

In a world where mental health and professional success are more intertwined than ever, I bring a unique blend of relatability, enthusiasm, and a wealth of experience to the stage. I understand the challenges your team faces – the pressures, the demands, and the need for resilience in the face of change.

Having worked with diverse businesses across Texas, I’ve witnessed firsthand the transformative power of a motivated, empowered workforce. My talks go beyond generic advice; they’re tailored to resonate with your specific audience, addressing the unique demands of your industry.

Public Speaking

What sets me apart is my ability to distill complex psychological concepts into actionable insights that drive real-world results. From fostering a culture of mental well-being to enhancing team cohesion and productivity, my approach is rooted in evidence-based strategies that deliver tangible impact.

I’ve had the privilege of speaking at prestigious events for companies like the Texas Association of School Boards Summer Leadership Institute and Lemon Seed Marketing, leaving audiences inspired and equipped with practical takeaways they can implement immediately.

Let’s collaborate to create an engaging and memorable experience for your team or audience. Together, we’ll elevate your organization to new heights, ensuring that every member is empowered to excel both personally and professionally. Reach out, and let’s set the stage for a transformative event!

Speaking Services Offered

  • Keynote Presentations – Engaging and inspiring talks designed to set the tone for an event or conference. This is generally a broader theme that is relevant to personal growth, resilience and mental well-being.
  • Workshops & Training Sessions – An interactive session that is focused on specific topics that will provide practical tools and strategies for personal growth and professional development. These can be tailored to address areas like stress management, communication skills, or leadership development.
  • Panel Discussions and Expert Panels – Participation in a panel discussion alongside other experts in the field to offer diverse perspectives and insights on relevant topics.
  • Corporate Wellness Seminars – Workshops or presentations aimed at enhancing the mental health and well-being of employees. This may include stress reduction techniques, work-life balance, and building resilience.
  • Team Building and Leadership Retreats – Facilitation of team-building activities and discussions designed to strengthen relationships, improve communication, and enhance overall team performance.
  • Change Management and Adaptability Workshops -Sessions focused on helping businesses navigate change, adapt to new circumstances, and build resilience within their teams.
  • Motivational Talks – Energetic and inspiring presentation aimed at boosting motivation, confidence and overall morale within an organization.
  • Conflict Resolution and Communication Skills Workshops – practical training on effective communication, conflict resolution techniques and fostering a positive work environment.
  • Mental Health and Well-being in the workplace – Educational talks on recognizing and addressing mental health concerns, promoting a healthy work-life balance, and creating a supportive work environment.

“We had Dr. Cooper come to our team conference and speak on Mental Health with her session on “Combating Mental Fatigue”. She was engaging and led our team through an emotional journey of discovering ways to know their mental health needs and healthy ways to approach those needs. Our team enjoyed the engaging curriculum and the tips to apply immediately. I’m so glad we have someone of Dr. Cooper’s caliber as a resource for our team.”

Crystal Williams
Founder + Strategist
Lemon Seed Marketing

Past Public Speaking Events

Woodland Heights Medical Center (2019) Executive Leadership Team Workshop

Texas Association of School Boards Summer Leadership Institute (2021) “Creating Culture Across Campuses” & “The New Pandemic: Child & Adolescent Mental Health”

Mission Possible (2021). “The New Pandemic: Child & Adolescent Mental Health”

Room for Lovely (2022). Podcast Guest

Mission Possible 2022: Ignite the Fire. “Helping Children & Teens Manage Crisis within a Crisis”

Alto ISD (2022). “Creating a Mental Wellness Plan”

Mission Possible 2023: Building a Village. “Connecting in a Lonely World”

Century 21 Cota Realty (2023). “Keys to the Castle: Self Care and Boundaries for Reigning in the Real Estate Burnout”

Angelina County Rotary Club Luncheon (2023). Mental Health Awareness in our Community

Lemon Seed Marketing Employee Retreat (2023). “Managing Mental Fatigue in the Workplace”

First Baptist Church, Diboll, TX (2023). “Overcoming Anxiety: A Biblical Perspective”

Angelina College (2023). Student Mentorship Mental Health Training

Angelina County Chamber of Commerce (2023). Podcast Guest

Angelina County Chamber of Commerce Luncheon (2023). Mental Health Month Panel Discussion