Depression Therapy

  • Do you feel isolated and alone?

  • Do you sometimes think that everything is pointless?

  • Do you lack energy that you need to do simple things?

  • Are you irritable with those who are closest to?

  • Do you wonder how people around you seem so happy?

  • Do your thoughts turn dark followed by feelings of despair?

depression therapy

You may find yourself turning down invitations to socialize with friends and family, or struggling with a lack of energy.

Your interactions with others may be clouded with irritability and a pessimistic outlook, leading you to feel even more disconnected from others. Others may notice that you are withdrawing, but they can’t see the dark thoughts that you struggle with daily. You can’t seem to shake the feeling that everything is hopeless and that life is meaningless.

Many people have these common experiences. If they don’t pass, you might need more support to break the cycle. We can help you break free from depression and find a life full of meaning again.

Sadness is a normal emotion that everyone experiences from time to time. When this emotion becomes too intense, lasts too long, or when we develop unhelpful thought patterns related to sadness, we can spiral into depression. Depression can be debilitating at its worst, but even in milder forms, it can lead to apathy or despair that prevents us from living a full and meaningful life.

Depression Therapy – How we can help

Contact us if depression, sadness, or general apathy is interfering with your quality of life. Feel free to ask any questions you have or set up an appointment. Why wait to get better? Making that first call is often the most difficult part. We make it easy for you to get started. We love our work. And we have a safe place waiting for you to experience joy again.

In working with clients, we rely on evidence-based practices to deal with these common challenges. You are not alone. There’s usually no need to analyze your childhood. We will work in the present using practical tools to help you feel better now. We use these methods ourselves, so we know they work. The good news is that people who seek help, get better. You can be one of those people.

Our skilled and compassionate therapists listen deeply to you. You can rely on our years of experience, compassion and practical advice to help you achieve goals that are important to you. Our methods are direct, heart-felt and practical. We stay in the present to improve your situation now. We don’t just listen, we give you tools to manage symptoms of depression so you can take your life back.

We have trained professionals who specialize in the treatment of depression.

Our therapists will help you develop a plan that meets your needs and helps you overcome depression, and enhance your relationships. You can finally get back to living the life you deserve!

If you are ready to learn how we can show you how to regain control of your situation, call us at (936) 272-0555. We can help match you with one of our highly qualified therapists that will help you meet your goals.