Child and Teen Emotional Disorders

  • Does your child or teen seem overly emotional at times?
  • Does your child or teen often worry or ask you questions that indicate they are worried about something bad happening?
  • Is your child arguing, yelling, having anger outbursts, or emotional meltdowns?
  • Does your child or teen seem isolate and avoid family interactions?
  • Do you worry that your child or teen may not have friends, or that their friends are a bad influence?
  • Do you worry that your child or teen has low self-esteem or that he struggles to be confident?
  • Do you wish that it were easier to communicate with your child or teen, but you struggle to understand their intense emotions?
child teen emotional disorder

You may find that you have a hard time connecting with your child.

Your family interactions may result in yelling and avoiding each other more than you would like. You may feel distant from your child as you struggle to understand what they are going through. You just want your child to be happy again, but you don’t know how to fix it.

Many children and teens experience anxiety or depression. Parents often struggle to know where these intense emotions are coming from. We can work with your child to help him/her overcome these problems.

Childhood mental health problems occur with many children and adolescents during the span of childhood.

They may look like isolation, anger outbursts, emotional meltdowns, and poor relationships with parents and peers. If not treated, emotional disorders may get worse over time, and more difficult to resolve. The symptoms of depression and anxiety that are common in teen mental health problems, are not just “normal” teenage behavior. Parents and teachers may be concerned, but are not quite sure if what they are seeing is normal with younger generations, particularly in the midst of a pandemic.

How We Can Help

Contact us if you feel helpless in knowing what to do about your child or teen’s mental health. Feel free to ask any questions you have or set up an appointment. Why wait to get help for you and your child? Making that first call is often the most difficult part. We make it easy for you to get started. We love our work. And we have a safe place waiting for your child or teen to learn how to live life without the distress.

In working with children and teens, we rely on evidence-based practices to deal with these common challenges. You are not alone. We work closely with children and teens to help them better understand the emotions they are experiencing and ways they can tame them. We often meet with the parent once or twice, especially in the first session, but our priority is to give your child a safe place to share their fears, worries, and concerns. We will give your child practical tools to help them live a life free of anxiety and depression. We will also help parents learn ways to help their child or teen better manage their emotions. We use these methods ourselves, so we know they work. The good news is that people who seek help, get better. Your child or teen can be one of those people.

Our skilled and compassionate therapists listen to the struggles that your child or teen is experiencing. We may analyze emotional, behavioral, or relationship patterns that are occurring and help your child learn new patterns that are more helpful. You can rely on our years of experience, compassion, and practical advice to help you receive the help you need for your child. Our methods are direct, heart-felt and practical. We help you and your child take action to turn things around for the better.

Ready to get started?

If you are ready to learn how we can show you how to regain control of your situation, call our staff at (936) 272-0555. They can help match you with one of our highly qualified therapists that will help you meet your goals.

We have trained professionals who specialize in the treatment of child and teen mental health problems. Our therapists will help you develop a plan that meets your needs and helps you and your child overcome the challenges you face.