Phase of Life Problems

Are you having trouble trying to cope with a major life change such as:

  • Divorce
  • Grief or loss
  • A new career or school
  • Illness
  • Growing your family
  • Empty nest
  • Starting a new job
phase of life

You may notice that you feel sad, alone, or anxious.

You may feel that despite your efforts, you can’t quite seem to get everything under control. Your friends and family may not notice how badly you need support and that even though you are doing your best to hold everything together, you feel like you may fall apart.

Major life changes happen to everyone. It is common to feel hopeless, scared or anxious about these changes. We can help you successfully adjust to the changes you are experiencing and reduce the uncertainty and stress.

Natural changes occur throughout the lifespan. Some of them are welcome changes, while others can be devastating. Difficulty adjusting to any major life transition can result in a weakened or unstable sense of self and leave us feeling lost and uncertain.

How We Can Help

Contact us if difficulty adjusting to a major life change is interfering with your quality of life. Feel free to ask any questions you have or set up an appointment. Why wait to get better? Making that first call is often the most difficult part. We make it easy for you to get started. We love our work. And we have a safe place waiting for you to experience joy again.

In working with clients, we rely on evidence-based practices to deal with these common challenges. You are not alone. There’s usually no need to analyze your childhood. We will work in the present using practical tools to help you feel better now. We use these methods ourselves, so we know they work. The good news is that people who seek help, get better. You can be one of those people.

Our skilled and compassionate therapists listen deeply to you. You can rely on our years of experience, compassion and practical advice to help you achieve goals that are important to you. Our methods are direct, heart-felt and practical. We stay in the present to improve your situation now. We don’t just listen, we give you tools to manage symptoms of depression so you can take your life back.

We have trained professionals who specialize in the treatment of depression. Our therapists will help you develop a plan that meets your needs and helps you overcome depression, and enhance your relationships. You can finally get back to living the life you deserve!

Ready to get started?

If you are ready to learn how we can show you how to regain control of your situation, call our staff at (936) 272-0555. They can help match you with one of our highly qualified therapists that will help you meet your goals.