Family Therapy and Counseling

  • Do you and your family feel divided, like you have to take sides?
  • Do you feel that you constantly have to be the mediator between members of the family?
  • Are you finding it to be more difficult than expected for members of your blended family to get along?
  • Are you finding it difficult to merge your blended family?
  • Do you or your significant other have your own mental health concerns?
  • Do you and your spouse disagree about your children?
family therapy counseling

Family Therapy & Counseling

You may find that you and your spouse are fighting all the time about how to raise your children, or other important matters. You might feel a constant strain between members of the family. This might lead you to feel frustrated and hopeless, longing for more peace within your home.

People seeking family therapy struggle with similar problems. Between work, children, and managing the day to day demands of life, it is easy to feel as though you’re at a loss in helping your family. Family counseling can help you work through disagreements and create shared meaning for all the members of your home.

Family problems are a common experience, but many people don’t know how to communicate with other family members in ways that are helpful, particularly in blended families. Parents, children and siblings may fight frequently or even avoid each other which only further erodes the relationship, and create divisiveness among members of the family.

How we can help

Contact us if frequent conflict, avoidance, or lack of communication is a problem in your family. Why wait to make the most of your family relationships? Taking the first step is hard, but necessary. Our therapists make it easy for you to get started. We are highly trained and skilled at treating the family, making sure that each individual feels both fully supported as well as challenged with learning new skills to gain mastery of their communication within the relationship.

In working with families, we rely on evidence-based practices to deal with these common challenges. You are not alone. We provide you with strategies that you can use now to begin making the needed changes in your relationship. We use these methods ourselves, so we know they work. The good news is that families who seek help, get better. You can be one of those families.

Our skilled and compassionate marriage and family therapists listen carefully to each person within the relationship to help you create a meaningful life together. You can rely on our expertise, compassion and easy to follow feedback to help you achieve goals that are important to you and your partner. Our methods are direct, heart-felt and practical. We provide you with the tools you need to communicate more effectively, understand your partner’s inner world, and create meaningful life experiences together.

We have trained professionals who specialize in family counseling. Our therapists will help you and your family develop a plan that meets your needs and helps you enhance your relationship. You can have peace in your home!

Ready to get started?

If you and your family are ready to work together and end the conflict, call our staff at (936) 272-0555. They can help match you with one of our highly qualified therapists that will help you meet your goals.